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EDI in the Workplace

Parental Parity

During this webinar, we discuss gender expectations in the workplace, inequalities between paternity and maternity leave, shared Parental Leave: reform or replace it? And what the UK can learn from Sweden’s childcare and parental leave policies. Hosted by Zakiya Ilyas with guests Michael Johnson - Ellis, Co-Founder of Two Dads U.K; Nina Karegar, Digital Strategy and Marketing Consultant; and Lizzie Martin, Founder of Work Life Mother.
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Break the Bias

During this webinar, we discuss why the gender gap exists in STEM; the importance of female representation; key barriers that prevent women from entering STEM/Tech and Engineering professions and what can be done to encourage more women to pursue a career in these industries. Hosted by Zakiya Ilyas with guests Scarlett Allen - Horton, International Executive Search Recruiter, EDI Specialist, Founder of Harper Fox Search Partners; Emma Bould, Engineering Manager at GSK and member of GSK Global Engineering Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion; Dr Rain Irshad, Digital Head of Space Engineering and Technology Division at the Science and Technology Facilities Council; and Zoe Collins, EDI Consultant with a background in Online Fashion, Technology and Government.
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The Equal Group hosted a webinar with Women in Construction ambassador and BBC Apprentice finalist Michaela Wain, member of the Gemserv executive team Miriam Atkin and Michelle Lim , project engineer for Network Rail. The discussion covered the importance of distinguishing between equity and equality in construction and engineering, addressing barriers faced by women and strategies for removal. The panel also explored the roles of women, male allies, and organizations in supporting women in these sectors.
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Beyond Binary

During this webinar, we discuss the evolving terminology of gender identity and sexual orientation, how to manage gender related issues in the workplace, best practices for creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace. Zakiya Ilyas from The Equal Group is joined by Jessica Lynn; transgender advocate, educator and activist and Allan Reid; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and LGBTQ+ activist.
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Black Futures Month: Black Women in Leadership

Watch our third instalment of our Black Futures Month Webinar Series: Black Women in Leadership. Hosted by Rachael Owhin with guests Yemi Jackson, CEO and Founder of Engage Transform, and Yetunde Dania, Trowers and Hamlin Partner and Head of Office.
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