How We Work


We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to ensuring that different perspectives contribute to the solutions we embed within organisations. We understand that you know your business better than anyone, so use your domain knowledge to tailor our approach to meet your needs.


We don’t believe in ‘off the shelf’ solutions. What has worked well for Company A may not be as effective for Company B. We tailor our solutions to meet your needs in a way that is authentic to you as an organisation.

Data driven

We use data as a starting point to identify your most pressing EDI challenges. We give equal attention to quantitative (who is in the organisation) and qualitative (how people feel) data. Being driven by robust data and analysis ensures that our solutions are appropriate and measurable.


We work in a way that takes all protected characteristics, identities and circumstances into account when designing and implementing interventions. Some organisations have a single focus; but we feel that you can only craft solutions by paying attention to all potential issues.

Impact  Focused

We focus deeply on the results that we deliver and want the work that we do to have a positive sustainable effect on individuals and organisations. We believe that diversity and inclusion are essential for building a more just and equitable world, and are dedicated to working to achieve this.

Cross Sector

A lot of our work has been focused on increasing the sustainability of our work by establishing and meeting the needs of industries, such as Offshore Wind, Technology, Construction, Energy and Utilities. By equipping several companies at the same time, we can ensure that impactful EDI is embedded and becomes the norm for companies moving forward.


We currently have experience engaging with the private, public, and voluntary sectors. Looking ahead, we are also targeting collaboration with specific sectors. In the private sphere, we're interested in Professional Services, Transport/Logistics, Sports, and Media. Public sector engagement involves Local Authorities/Government Departments, Regional Agencies/Combined Authorities, Healthcare, and Education/Academia. In the voluntary sector, we aim to engage with Social Mobility, Homelessness, International Development, and Arts and Culture sectors.


Over the years we have worked with organisations of all sizes, from 20 people to 15,000. We tend to be able to make a more significant impact with organisations that have between 500 and 2,500 staff.


We typically work with organisations that have an annual EDI budget >£50,000 - this is because we want to ensure that our partners have a reasonable amount of financial commitment to support meaningful work towards progress.
If you do not have a budget confirmed or your budget is smaller, why not work with us to create a clear EDI vision and determine what your annual EDI budget should be?


Where should a company be on their EDI journey to contact us for help?

We like to get involved at the earliest stages of your EDI journey so that we can help you to embed good disciplines and robust EDI foundations. We have spent a lot of time creating EDI visions and strategies with organisations, so would be happy to share the benefit of our experience. If you are already quite far along your EDI journey we can also help you to improve your EDI outcomes and maximise your returns.

How long do we work with organisations and why?

We aim to work with organisations over the long term, as our approach is iterative and we know from experience that meaningful change takes time. Selfishly, we want to be around to see this change happen and hear about your organisation’s success for years to come.