Leadership Development Framework

Many leaders feel they are unable to speak confidently about EDI; fear of saying the wrong thing often leads to saying nothing at all.
In response to this challenge, The Equal Group developed a proprietary five-step EDI Leadership Development Framework, which has been successfully implemented with many clients, including the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. 

Our Leadership development frameworks provide your leaders with the tools they need to drive EDI initiatives and create inclusive cultures.

How we do this


It is important to understand what EDI means in your leadership role, both as an individual and a collective leadership team, is the first and most crucial step.


Your voice is crucial in influencing, educating and guiding your workforce, and the commitment you show to EDI and its relevance. Our aim is to empower leaders to take ownership of EDI.


A leader who embodies EDI must model desired behaviours and cascade them into their departments, so that inclusion is not just driven by HR but the whole organisation.


There will come a time where you will need to trust your team to take on the knowledge you have imparted and watch them embed it into their own practices.


EDI is a continuing journey; successfully implementing, and returning to, the preceding four steps is vital in constantly evolving your practice and living the values of your organisation.

Leadership Development

Safe and Brave Spaces

We offer secure and courageous environments for individuals to develop.


We curate sessions which respond to the needs of each group member.


Our goal is to ensure that all leaders attain comparable levels of competence