EDI 365

What does it include?

For organisations with limited resources, or who are further along in their EDI journeys, one of The Equal Group's experts can work with you flexibly to provide dedicated specialist EDI expertise on an ongoing basis. 

EDI 365, formally known as Critical Friend Support, can include workshopping an EDI strategy; statement or action plan; or providing inclusive recruitment advice on positive action. This could also extend to attending regular meetings to provide an external perspective, reviewing planned interventions and helping to define the next steps.

Having EDI expertise on tap can be an important contributor to progressing EDI in your organisation - EDI 365 is an effective approach to accessing a community of experts in a cost-effective way. 

EDI 365 Principles


An external perspective on what needs to be done. 

Lived Experience

TEG has more coverage than any individual could have.


We have the ability to scale up / down as needed by the client.

Long Term

We consider the long term view and guide clients as such.


Limited opportunity for us to get pulled into BAU activities.


We can respond to client needs quicker than internal HR units.

How we do it