Our Services

Maximize your equality, diversity and inclusion efforts with our comprehensive range of services

EDI Audit

Our EDI audit helps organisations make significant and measurable progress
in relation to their EDI agenda by implementing a data-driven approach.

Our approach provides robust data as a starting point and targeted recommendations
embedding anonymisation to protect employee identity. 


 We offer a suite of courses, all of which can be tailored to your needs.
We can co-create bespoke training solutions in the form of interactive in-person or virtual training sessions. 

Our training sessions will provide your employees with the
knowledge and skills they need to create a more inclusive workplace.  

Policy and Process Reviews

Our policy review services help you review, update, and develop policies and procedures that promote EDI in your organisation.

Leadership Development Framework

Our Leadership development frameworks provide your leaders with the tools they need to drive EDI initiatives and create inclusive cultures.

EDI 365

For organisations with limited resources, or who are further along in their EDI journeys, one of The Equal Group's experts
can work with you flexibly to provide dedicated specialist EDI expertise on an ongoing basis.

How we do it


Understanding where you are as an organisation and ensuring there is sufficient qualitative and quantitative data upon which to build your EDI strategy.


We use data audits and deep dive focus groups to create detailed reports and data dashboards.

Strategic Response

Acknowledging your starting point, defining a clear vision and developing a strategy to help achieve your EDI objectives.

Solution Implementation

Building internal capacity, to take strategic action to make measurable progress on EDI objectives, which are tailored to your company's specific needs.


Evaluating the impact and success of your EDI interventions whilst taking into consideration the influence of external/internal circumstances and factors.

EDI Data Hub

A systemised approach to collecting, analysing and interpreting your intersectional EDI data across all demographics and across functions such as Recruitment, Performance Management, Progression and Remuneration
“Our session with The Equal Group was brilliant. It sparked some interesting conversations within the team and prompted an EDI focused Senior Leadership Meeting to discuss how Harper Fox Partners can further our EDI efforts and initiatives.”
“The workshop was delivered well, encouraging the participants to speak honestly and without prejudice. Every workplace should be having this conversation.”
“I would highly recommend [The Equal Group’s training] to any business seeking to educate themselves on microaggressions and racism in the workplace, which, in my opinion, should be all businesses.”