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Our Teams


Our marketing and engagement team work together to bring more clients to the business and offer them our most relevant service or more bespoke offerings.
The Equal Group have social media accounts on all major platforms, and we encourage you to connect with the team on LinkedIn etc.
We also run monthly webinars
and masterclasses on various topics around EDI, which you are free to join and engage with!


Our team of consultants deliver the bulk of client work i.e. Diversity and Inclusion audits, training and consultancy services.
Our Consultants offer expert advice to a range of clients regarding all Equality, Diversity and Inclusion matters and initiatives.
Our Consultants have different areas of expertise, which serve to offer our clients the best, tailored advice possible.


Operations is responsible for managing and optimizing the company's internal processes and resources to ensure efficient delivery of services to clients. We manage a range of activities, including
project management, resource allocation, process improvement and quality control.
We work closely with other departments to coordinate and streamline processes, monitor project progress, and ensure that client expectations are met. Our goal is to drive operational excellence and improve the overall performance of TEG.