EDI Audits

What does the EDI audit include?

Our EDI Audit helps you assess your current position, existing data and identify gaps in knowledge. Our skilled consultants are experienced in collecting data and well-versed in data protection and participant privacy.

We will intersectionally analyse the data collected through the lenses of all protected characteristics as well as from a social equity perspective.

Together we will work to co-create a targeted EDI action plan best suited to you and your organisation based on the evidence collected from our audit and our associated recommendations. Undertaking an audit on a regular basis will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your current and recommended EDI initiatives; your progress; and identify areas for improvement.

How we do it


We work with your internal comms team to make sure that all staff understand the importance of the audit, how their data will be collected, used and analysed and the measures we take to ensure anonymity.We provide several opportunities for staff to ask us questions directly. We also leverage internal comms channels in an attempt to maximise engagement and disclosure rates.

Data Collection

We undertake data collection across all members of staff – typically within 2-4 weeks.

Reports and Recommendations

We provide anonymised data on digital interactive dashboards that staff can interrogate in order to identify trends. Additionally, we provide a formal report complete with recommendations and observations. We identify gaps based on comparator data and suggest targeted interventions aligned with your overall EDI and organisational strategy

Follow Up

Subject to your requirements, we can provide further advice on how to implement specific and measurable interventions to achieve maximum impact. We also help organisations to embed an EDI culture to equip internal teams and ensure that there is no long-term reliance towards EDI consultants