Mac Alonge (He/Him)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Birmingham, United kingdom

Mac is an experienced strategic and regulatory consultant, having spent the last 10 years working within the energy and utilities industry. Mac is responsible for the overall direction of The Equal Group.

Mac has a deep passion for helping organisations overcome their most significant equality, diversity and inclusion problems. Mac believes that if we can successfully take people to space and bring them back safely, we can solve inequality in the workplace.

Over the last 10 years as a regulatory focused consultant within the energy and utilities industries, Mac has worked with and for some of the world's largest private and public sector organisations, including the likes of KPMG, National Grid, Scottish Power, Capita and the Scottish and UK governments. Throughout his career, Mac has observed that there are numerous barriers within the workplace that prevent organisations from truly reaping the benefits that come from embracing greater levels of equality, diversity and inclusion. Mac's mission is to ensure that the current generation leaves a legacy whereby equality and inclusion are the new 'norm' and individual differences are respected and valued.

• Mac was an integral part of introducing the energy and utility sector’s first cross industry diversity and inclusion measurement framework.  

• Mac has presented at several high profile conferences and events focused on equality, diversity and inclusion.

• Mac has a background in strategic consulting and regulatory economics and holds an MSc in Economic Regulation and Competition.  

• Mac works extensively with CEOs and Executive Leadership Teams on understanding equality, diversity and inclusion.

• Mac is focused on the holistic implementation of measurable and sustainable, high impact equality, diversity and inclusion interventions.

Mac and The Equal Group are focused on providing forward thinking organisations with the tools and support that they need to optimise their equality, diversity and inclusion efforts.