Charlotte Lombardi-Whitehouse (She/Her)


Birmingham, UK

Charlotte is an ardent EDI Consultant at The Equal Group, leading and supporting on a range of intense projects from Birmingham City Council to National Highways. She has a particular interest in improving the workplace and wider world for those with disabilities, both hidden and visible (particularly neurodiversity), and improving parental rights. 

<span id="test" class="kool-class" style="color: #00c0c3;" fs-test-element="test">She is passionate about social justice and ensuring future generations do not face the same barriers as the generation before them, as well as believing that improving EDI within the workplace benefits all individuals. </span>“

Shar has helped to create toolkits to encourage growth and change within organisations of varying sizes, produced reports and action plans with measurable objectives, collaborated on maturity matrix builds, and encouraged a nuanced understanding and necessity for data analysis from an intersectional view.

• Shar enjoys contributing to TEG webinars, having recently hosted the 2023 IWD webinar with incredible female representatives from the construction, transport and energy sectors. Her passion for workplace initiatives and equity stems from her experiences in the logistics industry - empowered by inspirational women, and a passionate EDI team. 

• She also has experience identifying cultural knowledge gaps in adult acute psychiatric care, as well as community based experience working with asylum seekers from across the globe alongside Sports4Life and The Children's Society.

• Shar also arranged a peaceful protest in her home town in support of asylum seeker placements, which was boasted by local law enforcement to be expertly planned and carefully conducted.

• Shar was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 33, and considers this an important part of her unique perspectives, as well as her passion for neurodiversity acceptance, particularly in the workplace.