Brontë Smith (She/Her)

Marketing Manager

Worcestershire, UK

Brontë started at The Equal Group as a Social Media Assistant in May 2021 and has since developed her role to take on more marketing responsibilities with the help of The Equal Group team. Brontë is now responsible for the overall organisation of marketing, social media, partnership work, blogs and more.

Brontë is passionate about creating meaningful connections with people and organisations that share the same values as The Equal Group.

Brontë believes that social media gives everyone the opportunity to learn and connect through sharing educational content, personal experiences and insights on relevant topics. She works to ensure The Equal Group shares content that is both meaningful and educational.

• Brontë graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Arts with Honours Degree in Media and Culture from University of Worcester.

• Brontë was awarded the Roseanne Spaughton Prize for Research in Media and Culture for her dissertation which explored how the UK stereotypes and discriminates those within UK Modern Black Music subculture by grouping a diverse culture/community as criminal, based on race, culture, and social class as well as looking to see how it has attempted to reposition itself within society as a subculture fighting for change through music and within the political sphere.

• Brontë has worked with a UK based nutritionists to design customised nutritional programmes, promotional material and social media content that have been featured in some of the leading health and wellness industry organisations.

• Brontë has worked with a charity that provides legal support for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers within the UK, Europe and Africa. She helped participate in their re-brand updating their website, creating email marketing campaigns and social media content.

Brontë continues to develop her role and knowledge of Marketing with support from The Equal Group.