Alex May-Coombs (She/Her)


Sheffield, UK

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Alex is highly motivated to create hospitable cultures, structures and spaces that allow everyone equitable access to opportunities, inclusive of their identity, background, and circumstances.


Bringing to The Equal Group extensive experience in faith leadership, academia, and the public sector, Alex is well versed in issues surrounding EDI across a variety of sectors and settings. She holds multiple degrees from The University of Divinity and The University of Manchester, and understands the critical importance of both reflexive and data-driven practice. From a nation-wide pool, she was singularly selected for an academic scholarship, from which her studies culminated in a MPhil in contextual theology entitled The Experiences of Exclusion and Belonging of LGBT+ Christians in England: Making Space for Queer Voices.

<span id="test" class="kool-class" style="color: #00c0c3;" fs-test-element="test">Alex embodies a passion to achieve tangible change, to challenge barriers to inclusion, and to steer cultural and behavioural growth across teams and organisations.</span>

She thrives on hearing and learning from people’s stories, and is deeply interested in emerging best practice stemming from communal narratives. Alex is curious, reflective, adaptive, and inclusion-centred in both her working and personal life.