February 28, 2020

Representation Matters…Zoe Banks Gross

Posted at 08:57h in Diversity, Inclusion, Podcast by Feyi Osiyemi

Zoe Banks Gross is the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Programme Manager at Knowle West Media Centre. After working as an environmental scientist for a number of years, Zoe shifted to working in the community sector, where for the past 6 years she has worked on engaging and empowering local communities across Bristol, to help promote sustainability and inclusion. Zoe’s passion for social justice, health, sustainability, and how these issues interconnect, is not only reflected in her community development work, but also within her role as a local health champion in Bristol, teaching cycling and running to ethnic minorities. In this episode, Zoe discusses the unequal impact of the pandemic on certain communities, and the positive changes that she is trying to bring to the people of Bristol.

Episode Highlights:

  • Zoe Banks Gross’ career journey as an environmental scientist and Sustainable Neighbourhoods Programme Manager.  
  • The importance of connecting people and communities to green spaces.
  • How Zoe and her team are bridging the health and digital inequalities that exist across communities in Bristol.
  • What government and policymakers need to do to prevent BAME communities from suffering disproportionally again during any future pandemics.

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Guest: Zoe Banks Gross

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