EDI Audit Case Study

The Service

Our EDI Audit helps you assess your current position, existing data and identify gaps in knowledge. Our skilled consultants are experienced in collecting data and well-versed in data protection and participant privacy. We will intersectionally analyse the data collected through the lenses of all protected characteristics as well as from a social equity perspective. Together we will work to co-create a targeted EDI action plan best suited to you and your organisation based on the evidence collection from our audit and our associated recommendations. Undertaking an audit on a regular basis will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your current and recommended EDI initiatives; your progress; and identify areas for improvement.

Network Group comprises specialist and niche companies, each offering high-quality recruitment solutions to a wide range of industries in the UK and overseas. Each company has the autonomy to manage its own business independently but with the added benefit of working collaboratively with the broader group. Pertemps has grown to become one of the largest providers of staffing solutions in the UK, offering unrivalled service in various sectors to both candidates and clients, including driving, IT, HR, construction and financial.
Pertemps Network Group sought a provider to deliver an EDI data audit to facilitate a greater understanding of the organisation’s position in terms of EDI.

Our Work

We worked with the PNG EDI audit sponsors to ensure all staff know why this audit is taking place, how their data will be collected, used, and analysed, and our measures to ensure anonymity. We delivered numerous information sessions to provide an opportunity for staff across the entire company to ask us any questions directly. In addition, we leveraged internal comms channels to maximise engagement and disclosure rates by creating communications to send to all staff.

We undertook data collection, which was open to all staff members during a five-week period; this was in the form of an online survey sent to all staff. This enabled us to obtain contextual demographic data. We have also provided anonymised data on digital interactive dashboards that staff can interrogate to identify trends.

Closing Thoughts

The report includes both short and long-term recommendations and the survey results in a readily accessible format to enable sharing with stakeholders. These are focused on clear themes, prioritised, and take account of work already being done, as well as goals. Where relevant, we indicated how we could support PNG moving forward.

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