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The Equal Group understands how difficult it can be to truly embed Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion across organisations of all sizes. We collaborate with forward thinking companies to offer the support, assistance and guidance needed to successfully implement sustainable EDI strategies. We draw on our team of skilled and knowledgeable consultants to deliver successful EDI outcomes.

The Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) is a senior government and industry forum, comprised of members drawn from the leading UK and global firms in the offshore wind industry.
The Equal Group worked with OWIC and its members to produce an industry-wide EDI best practice guide.

Our Work

The guide was a collaborative effort, with The Equal Group undertaking research with a range of member organisations to identify and define best practice within the industry. We then worked with key stakeholders within member organisations to identify and develop supporting case studies to include in the published guide, along with helpful terminology to support embedding EDI into all communications.

Closing Thoughts

The guide was launched at the Global Offshore Wind Conference in 2020. Keynote speakers from central government and across the industry praised the guidance document and the impact of The Equal Group’s work in addressing inequalities across the sector.

Celia Anderson, co-chair of the OWIC Diversity Working Group said "The work done by The Equal Group played a really important role in OWIC's work in this area with the production of the D&I Best Practice Guide for the industry. It changed many of my views and my approach to D&I."

We are currently working with OWIC to update the guide for 2022, including the development of an innovative interactive version to be hosted on the OWIC website.

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