Policy Review Case Study

The Service

Our policy review services help you review, update, and develop policies and procedures that promote EDI in your organisation. Working with our EDI Consultants, who have different lived experiences and backgrounds combined with broad and deep expertise, can help to identify areas for improvement in your organisation. The Equal Group team can then educate and up-skill your teams to be able to create even more accessible and inclusive processes and policies.

The Equal Group has built a deep, lasting and collaborative relationship with Macmillan Cancer Support.
This began with a review of ten HR policies through an intersectional EDI lens, to recommend changes from gender-coded language, and phrasing that neurodivergent colleagues can misinterpret, to removing heteronormative perspectives:

10 HR Policies Reviewed



Family Leave

Poor Performance




Flexible Working


Talent Management

Our Work

The Equal Group analysed the policies and supporting documents to highlight the positives as well as any potential gaps, which exist in all organisations embarking on their EDI journey. We also reviewed the policies for confidentiality/privacy, as well as their ability to be applied sensitively from a mental health and general wellbeing standpoint.

Our consultants also used best practice insight and examples from ACAS and the CIPD to develop a robust set of policies that not only centre inclusion, but will also be applicable in the long term. This resulted in the delivery of a report to Macmillan, split into common themes and recommendations from looking at all the policies holistically, as well as targeted recommendations for each individual document.

The Equal Group also made suggestions for tracking usage and review of the policies, along with information on conducting (equality) impact assessments. We have worked with Macmillan to review the remainder of their policies (16 or more), alongside delivering specialist and targeted training for their HR team.

Closing Thoughts

This training was co-designed to build sustainability into our approach. The main objective of the training was to impart our knowledge and insights to enable the organisation to independently review their policies inclusively in future, as our language and understanding changes, to reflect a continued commitment to inclusion.

Alongside the practical-based training, we have worked collaboratively with Macmillan to develop guidelines to support their team to undertake inclusive policy reviews.

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