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The Service

The Equal Group understands how difficult it can be to truly embed Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion across organisations of all sizes. We collaborate with forward thinking companies to offer the support, assistance and guidance needed to successfully implement sustainable EDI strategies. We draw on our team of skilled and knowledgeable consultants to deliver successful EDI outcomes.

We have worked with the Mayor of London to co-create a series of Recruitment Drives, designed to link young Black men aged 16-24 – the intersectional demographic group with the highest unemployment rate in London – with job opportunities in the construction and infrastructure sectors.
During the year, we engaged with over 1,200 young Black men across the capital, leading to our third extension of this work with the technology sector being a key focus for the Mayor and his team.

Our Work

The Recruitment Drives are part of a wider Design Lab initiative, with The Equal Group working collaboratively with around 30 employers in construction and infrastructure, representing a total headcount of around 100,000 people. As part of the Design Labs, HR professionals from each organisation attend forums and receive 1:1 support from our expert EDI consultants. Together, we developed tailored action plans to improve diversity in their organisations, alongside addressing employment inequalities in London. The first stage was to recruit and retain young Black men into roles in their organisations specifically, before moving on to creating opportunities for other underrepresented intersections of London’s working-age population.

Closing Thoughts

Our experience with the GLA illustrates The Equal Group’s ability to develop strong relationships, and work collaboratively with large and complex organisations. As a result, our assignments have successfully designed and delivered targeted interventions to improve outcomes for minoritised populations and intersectional communities.

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