EDI Audit Case Study

The Service

Our EDI Audit helps you assess your current position, existing data and identify gaps in knowledge. Our skilled consultants are experienced in collecting data and well-versed in data protection and participant privacy. We will intersectionally analyse the data collected through the lenses of all protected characteristics as well as from a social equity perspective. Together we will work to co-create a targeted EDI action plan best suited to you and your organisation based on the evidence collection from our audit and our associated recommendations. Undertaking an audit on a regular basis will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your current and recommended EDI initiatives; your progress; and identify areas for improvement.

The Equal Group is working with Energy & Utilities Skills to facilitate a cross-sector diversity and inclusion measurement exercise. Our collaboratively co-created Inclusion Commitment was named Inclusion Programme of the Year at the Engineering Talent Awards 2021 (read more here).
To date, over 50 companies from across the energy and utilities sectors have joined the Inclusion Commitment to collect and report diversity data via a survey designed by The Equal Group. We have used the resulting data to design targeted innovative interventions tailored to each organisation’s unique circumstances, to address gaps in intersectional diversity across the sector.

Our Work

Results from the baseline year (2020) highlighted common issues across the sector, such as underrepresentation of women in leadership positions and high attrition of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) candidates from the recruitment process. Candidates from BAME backgrounds represent 21% of applicants but only 10% of those employed in the sector.

Results from second year of data collection (2021) indicated improvements of around 1-2% in the recruitment and retention of female candidates and those from BAME backgrounds, demonstrating the impact of The Equal Group's targeted interventions, such as delivering training on Inclusive Recruitment and identifying and dismantling barriers to progression for diverse talent. The second year of data collection also included additional surveys and interviews conducted with industry CEOs by The Equal Group. The interviews were designed to understand CEO’s views and approaches to EDI, and to gauge the level of general EDI literacy across the industry.

Closing Thoughts

This work has been pivotal in gaining sector-wide alignment on key areas of focus to ensure the industry is seen as inclusive for all. It has also enabled collaboration with the Prison and Probation Service, 10,000 Black Interns, Women Utilities Network, and Equal Engineers to share best practice. The sector's recruitment hub, Energy & Utilities Jobs, has generated nearly 10 million work opportunities, which have been targeted at intersectional groups underrepresented in the industry.

The Equal Group’s experience of working with Energy & Utilities Skills demonstrates our expertise in managing relationships with numerous stakeholder groups, along with our (award-winning) ability to analyse data to design action-orientated innovative interventions that support business objectives.

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