EDI Audits

What does the EDI audit include?

Team members, including Chair David Thorne, in a meeting

The very first step to embracing equality, diversity and inclusion in your organisation

The Equal Group provides end to end EDI audits to help organisations identify areas where they can make sustainable and incremental improvements in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion. We highly recommend your organisation to do the EDI audit before you proceed with any EDI initiatives. The audit will guide your organisation on how to allocate your resources and what EDI strategies to implement in order to reap all the advantages that come from embracing diversity and inclusion. Read the 6 categories below to understand what the EDI audit includes.

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Pay reporting can be viewed by selecting the Equality tab of the dashboard. Diversity and Inclusion tabs are also accessible to analyse additional data items.


This provides detailed analysis across various areas of the organisations, namely, Boardroom, Operations, Stakeholders and External.


Acknowledging your starting point, defining a clear vision and developing a strategy to help achieve your EDI objectives.


This provides the high level corporate demographic breakdown of age, gender, ethnicity, ability, religion and sexuality.


This addresses the main findings from the audit in a simple and easy to digest format.


To compliment the strategic summary, RAG indicators clearly identify areas that need to be addressed and areas that are currently performing well.

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What does the EDI Audit do?

EDI Audits Provide a Starting Point

In order to measure the success of your equality, diversity and inclusion efforts, you must understand what your baseline level of performance is. Only then can progress be made.

EDI Audits Provide Independent Insight

It's always beneficial to get an independent view of your organisation in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion activities. This can also be beneficial for staff morale.

EDI Audits Provide Assurance

Our audits focus on ensuring that your equality, diversity and inclusion efforts are having the desired effect - ultimately allowing you to focus on those areas that are most beneficial.

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We help organisations to reap the benefits of embedding equality, diversity and inclusion

The standard audit provides a good level review of your organisation. You will be provided with a report which will outline;
- Areas of good practice;
- Areas for development;
- Key strategic priorities;
- Recommendations to enhance your current practice.

Additional benefits include:
Detailed data gathering and internal communications advice;
- Analysis of existing diversity and inclusion data;
- A desk based survey (both quantitative and qualitative).

Team members, including Chair David Thorne, in meeting

The advanced audit provides a more detailed review of functions and practices within your organisation including:
- Detailed review of your current policies and procedures;
- Detailed review of your recruitment and selection processes;
- Extensive review of stakeholder engagement; Supplier diversity strategic review;
- Leadership responsibilities, education and objective mapping;
- Enables you to align and exceed your organisational aims and objectives.

Additional benefits include:
Creation of gender pay gap supporting narrative;
- Detailed management consulting;
- Presentation of the report and findings to management team.

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