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The responsibility of social media platforms, how can they better protect black people?

Wednesday 26th October, 12pm-1pm (BST)

As more and more people pull out their phones and press 'record' we have seen a rise in videos evidencing racism, homophobia and cultural appropriation.
Social media has been used to bring communities together and fight for justice, organising protests, advocating rights and educating the world. But, despite many efforts Black creators have voiced anger as their posts are targeted by supposed unbiased algorithms and taken down when addressing Black issues.

In June 2021, Black creators were issued with an apology by TikTok after technical issues on the app saw anyone using the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd received 0 views.

In addition to hiding Black creator content, social media has also fueled racism. In 2020, more than 1,600 racist tweets were directed at 3 Black football players after they missed penalties in the EURO 2020 final. Despite Twitter removing these tweets and suspsending several accounts the widespread racism that followed the finals was only enhanced by social media platforms.

So what responsibility do these platforms have to protect Black people? What can and should they be doing to better protect creators and ensure Black creator content is seen, heard and valued?

Discussion Points:
- Positive trends on social media platforms in the past few years;
- How much of the user is considered when writing the Terms and Conditions: Are T&C’s just there to protect the platform? And what level of diversity is involved in writing?
- What role do algorithms and content moderators play when it comes to social media activism?
- With the rise in challenges towards social media platforms (mental health, controversial content, radicalisation) what could the future of Social Media platforms look like?

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#Blackhistorymonth #TEGWebinar
Guest: Brianna O’Reilly,
Founder of The Black Project
Guest: Tru Powell, Entrepreneur and Personal Brand Coach
Hosted by Mac Alonge (He/Him) CEO and Founder of The Equal Group