Finance & Entrepreneurship

What needs to be done to change the dynamics of funding for black businesses and encourage more black people into business?

Wednesday 12th October, 12pm-1pm (BST)

Access to funding for Black owned businesses remains the biggest barrier for progression.

Research shows between 2009-2019 only 0.24% of the total venture capital funding invested in UK startups went to Black entrepreneurs with only 0.02% assigned to Black female entrepreneurs.

For Black entrepreneurs funding is just one of the many barriers faced on their start-up journey. Not only is less funding available but government support schemes are not as accessible to Black entrepreneurs and not accessed at the same rates as white-led businesses and, there is a severe lack of representation for Black entrepreneurs reducing networking and knowledge building opportunities.

The lack of representation also echoes into the finance sector; whilst 79% of business leaders state racial equity as a top priority only 1 in 10 management roles are held by Black, Asian or minority ethnic individuals.

So what needs to change in the finance sector to encourage more Black people into business? What more can be done to fully equip Black entrepreneurs to reach scale? How do we change this stagnant dynamic?

Join The Equal Group’s Head of Operations Kate Taiwo, and guest speakers: Rebekah Taitt - Regional Development Director for Lloyds Bank and Michael Adeniya - Chief Operating Officer of UK Black Business Show, on Wednesday 12th October (12PM-1PM) as they discuss:

- Why we are having this conversation about Finance during Black History Month
- How does bias show up at a pitching table?
- Supplier diversity
- Education around entrepreneurship
- Transparency around data

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Hosted by Kate Taiwo (She/Her)
Head of Operations, The Equal Group
Guest: Rebekah Taitt
Regional Development Director, Lloyds Bank
Guest: Michael Adeniya
Chief Operating Officer, UK Black Business