Beyond Binary: A Guide to Navigating Gender & Identity in the Workplace

Join our LGBTQ+ guest panel as they share their thoughts on how to provide an inclusive workplace for all.
Wednesday 8th September 2021
Time: 11am-12PM
Hosted by Zakiya Ilyas

About the webinar

A report published this year by the CIPD found that over the past 12 months, 40% of LGBTQ+ employees, and 55% of transgender workers have experienced conflict in workplace. The study also found that over a third of LGBTQ+ staff and one in four trans people have concealed their identity out of fear of discrimination.

These alarmingly high figures are a reminder that LGBTQ+ people continue to face prejudice and abuse in the workplace and this needs to change.

Understanding and approaching gender identity and sexual orientation in the workplace can be challenging, and with the expanding terminology on this subject, it is vital that employers educate themselves and work proactively to show their commitment to providing an inclusive and safe workplace for all.  

Discussion points for this webinar will include:

- A masterclass in the evolving terminology of gender identity and sexual orientation

- How to manage gender related issues in the workplace
- Best practices for creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace

Guest Speakers:

Allan Reid

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Consultant at The Equal Group

Allan has a wealth of experience in different roles and fields, most recently coming from the Rail Industry where they worked as a Signal Maintenance Operative and a Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Allan is part of the LGBTQ+ Movement and Queer Community, they have a strong belief that intersectional and empathetic EDI is the way forward. As well as being the membership lead for the Alba Alliance in Scotland, Allan has also presented on a number of topics for various groups, including the BI-Umbrella for Scottish Power and the Queer Community for Network Rail. 

Jessica Lynn

A world-renowned transgender advocate, educator and activist. She is a Stonewall School Role Model and Global Ambassador to the Kinsey Institute.

As a transgender woman and parent, Jessica’s experiences led her to dedicate her life to raising awareness and acceptance for gender non-conforming communities around the world. Considered internationally as one of the foremost transgender speakers, due to her dynamic, refreshingly honest speaking style, she has educated thousands of people about the many identities throughout the gender spectrum. Jessica’s collaborations with numerous institutions saw the development of training programs and courses structured to inform and provide a better understanding of the history of transgender communities, social and political impacts, challenging unconscious bias, working towards non-prejudicial and anti-discriminatory practices.