Zakiya Ilyas (She/Her)

Digital Content Creator

Birmingham, UK

Zakiya is a Politics and History graduate who has experience in creating video and audio content. Zakiya is responsible for hosting podcasts and webinars at The Equal Group.

Zakiya is passionate about promoting equal and inclusive working environments for all. She believes that podcasts offer a platform for individuals to share their identities, experiences and raise awareness about issues that are not often heard in mainstream media.

As a Politics and History graduate, Zakiya has a deep interest in how people and institutional legacies have shaped the world that we live in today. She has explored a range of research topics related to the two areas of discipline, some of which include globalisation, gender and development, democracy and also secret intelligence. During her time at university, Zakiya worked as a widening participation mentor, exploring diversity and accessibility issues in higher education, as well as working with underprivileged young people to help them pursue their future goals. Furthermore, by hosting The Equal Groups ’podcast series, Zakiya’s goal is to bring you the latest conversations around equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace, provide insight into guests’ career journeys, the work that they do to help further EDI in the workplace, and practical advice that they would give so others can do the same.

  • Zakiya has a background in Politics and History and received the Ian Fleming Foundation award from Warwick University in 2020. 
  • Zakiya liaises with EDI speakers, influencers and activists to build a rapport and establish a clear narrative for podcast episodes.
  • Zakiya hosts webinars focused on equality, diversity and inclusion in different industry sectors.

Zakiya is committed to giving people from multiple different backgrounds, a platform to share their stories, have their voices heard, educate and ultimately inspire others to engage in more honest and open conversations around equality, diversity and inclusion.