Pamela Pinski (She/Her)

Client Experience Manager

Birmingham, UK

Pam is an MBA-holding communications professional and Chartered Marketer, with almost 20 years’ experience in relationship management.

During her 15 years working in higher education, Pam managed high-profile relationships with corporate and institutional partners (B2B), as well as individual applicants and their families (B2C), in domestic and international contexts. She travelled extensively representing Aston and Warwick Business Schools at overseas institutions and international recruitment fairs, regularly presenting to audiences of 700+ at conferences.

Passionate about representation in all its forms, she was active in student politics at Aston University, and instrumental in diversifying the curriculum and the pool of external expert practitioners at Warwick Business School, to include social entrepreneurs and speakers from backgrounds more reflective of an internationally-renowned business school.

Pam’s primary objective is to make a positive difference, wherever she may be.

Throughout her career, Pam has been involved in all areas of marketing, from print and television advertising to direct (email and SMS) marketing and social media. She is also well versed in web content management and design, having managed for 15 months, which won a Hitwise award during her stewardship. Outside of work, Pam also built and managed two award-winning hyperlocal blogs for the area in which she lives, acting as a mouthpiece for underrepresented and marginalised communities within Digbeth (Birmingham) and neighbouring areas. These grew organically to a combined audience of over 16,500 social media followers. She has acted as an ambassador for Digbeth on BBC television, national radio and has featured in the international press.

From student nights for over 3,000 revellers to two-day prestigious academic conferences with international guests and speakers at The Shard in London, Pam is also an expert event manager. She has also organised, designed and managed events beyond the UK, hosting alumni reunions and networking meets in India and China. She has a severe case of wanderlust (the travel bug), having visited every continent apart from Antarctica! She loves learning about the history, cultures and people of the countries she visits; her experience supports the assertion that there is more that unites us than divides us.

Pam is a Chartered Marketer, holding an MBA from Warwick Business School and a BSc in Business & Management from Aston Business School.