Daniel Taiwo

Data and Systems Analyst

Data and Systems Analyst

Daniel is a recent graduate from university that has experience working as a design engineer in the medical industry. He uses his skills learned in that industry and applies it to a new role at the equal group.

Daniel has made a name for himself creating companies such as LITHOUSE, a research-led company that provides bespoke social media and content creation solutions for organisations. This proactive approach to problems carries on through his other projects within Samuel and CO Trading as a junior trader in his spare time.

Daniel is responsible for all data related projects at the equal group including the management of the data platform EDI Data Hub. His aim is to produce a scalable data platform that will enable clients to be able to reach their EDI objectives.

  • Daniel has a passion for being creative in all aspects of his work.
  • Daniel is a natural problem solver and likes to provide solutions to problems.
  • Daniel has multiple projects outside of work, for example he is working on a project called diary of a young black man that aims to highlight some struggles young black men go through in art form.
  • Daniel is from an engineering background with transferable skills to be able to undertake any task given to him.

Daniel is a friendly individual that is happy and determined to help clients achieve their goals. He hopes to make a real impact in the EDI space, and he begins his career.