Dan Holley (They/Them)

Associate Consultant

Bristol, UK

Dan has spent a vast portion of their personal and professional time involved in social and cultural progression. For a long time, they have been a naturally gifted public speaker, using their voice to inspire, enrich and nourish the minds of people across multiple countries, professions, age groups and identities.

With a background in predominantly public facing roles, they have a knack for building relationships, understanding the needs of others and having an almost disabling ability to focus on the finer details; this can possibly be credited to their ADHD and Autism characteristics! 

<span id="test" class="kool-class" style="color: #00c0c3;" fs-test-element="test">Dan is committed to a better tomorrow, and strives to ensure that the torch of social cohesion is responsibly passed on to the future of the working world.</span>“

Since joining The Equal Group Dan has:

• Co-Hosted ‘STEM: Diversified’ ,a non-profit EDI event that empowered people to talk the talk and walk the walk with multi-award winning purpose led business Harper Fox

• Dan has delivered training for more than 200 participants in 6 months

• Co-Hosted #Transgender Day of Visibility, Lets Talk Gender and Identity in the Workplace Masterclass with world-renowned transgender educator, advocate and ambassador Jessica Lynn.

• Dan was invited to be a keynote speaker as a representative of The Equal Group for the CFS arm of GXO Logistics, Inc. at their diversity, inclusion and belonging initiatives and strategies launch.