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Optimise your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion efforts

Strategic Consulting

We partner with proactive companies to provide the support and advice they need to implement sustainable Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategies, drawing on our team of experts consultants.

Innovative Technology

We develop cutting edge technology to provide forward thinking companies with the tools they need to remove bias from their operational processes – with a focus on recruitment, performance management and remuneration.

Effective Training

We deliver well-researched engaging effective and impactful training on a wide range of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion topics also providing bespoke sessions tailored to our clients’ industries, current issues and interests.

Our Approach

Partner with The Equal Group to guide your Equality, Diversity and Inclusion progress.

Team members, including Chair David Thorne, in a meeting

Your Annual EDI Journey

EDI does not have a one-size fits all solution as no two companies are the same. Our approach designs and implements custom EDI interventions to suit your specific needs and objectives.

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Understanding where you are as an organisation ensuring there is sufficient qualitative and quantitative data upon which to build your EDI strategy.


This consists of data audits and deep dive focus groups being used to create detailed audit reports and data dashboards. Click here for more info.

Strategic Response

Acknowledging your starting point, defining a clear vision and developing a strategy to help achieve your EDI objectives.

Solution Implementation

Building internal capacity to take strategic action to make measurable progress on EDI objectives, which are tailored to your company’s specific needs.


Evaluating the impact and success of your EDI interventions, whilst taking into consideration the influence of external/internal circumstances and factors.

EDI Data Hub

A systemised approach to collecting, analysing and interpreting your intersectional EDI data across all demographics and across functions such as Recruitment, Performance Management, Progression and Remuneration.