Junior EDI Consultant (Kickstart)

You will be delivering excellent projects for a portfolio of clients, with a focus on helping them achieve significant change and collecting, analysing and interpreting data about the client’s business and/or sector to identify weaknesses and problems and their causes. Also present findings, recommendations and suggestions to clients with ample justification and practical advice As well as continually improve and refine your personal approach to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

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Junior Project Manager (Kickstart)

The junior Project Manager will support in managing client projects. Project management responsibilities include the coordination and completion of projects on time within budget and within scope. Oversee all aspects of projects. Set deadlines, assign responsibilities, and monitor and summarize progress of the project. Prepare reports for upper management regarding status of project. The PM will work directly with clients to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. They will coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of each project are compatible and will hire new talent as needed to fulfil client needs.

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Life at the Equal Group